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Acoustic Souvenirs  mp3
Goody Goody
The Girl from Ipanema
Les Duettistes
The Man I Love
I Got a Gal in Kalamazoo
Planesong Blues
Les Feuilles Mortes  mp3
Lullaby of Birdland
Route 66
When I Fall in Love  mp3
I Can Recall Spain  mp3
Kelly Danielle's Lullaby

Impressive vocal jazz!

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Posted By: Larry Tarof
Date Posted: 2006-10-30 13:30:40

"This CD features impressive vocal jazz. On the surface, this is sheer entertainment which sounds like the group is actually in your living room. Whether the lush harmonies in "Acoustic Souvenirs" (original) or "The Man I Love" (Gershwin), the clever rhythms of "I Can Recall Spain" or the delightful "Planesong Blues" (original), recounting airport experiences, this CD is full of pleasant surprises. The arrangements are clever and not overly repetitive, so I feel comfortable listening to the whole CD at once. This CD is the long-awaited release by the Ottawa-based group. I was fortunate enough to be at the CD launch party, in which Quintessence performed selections (and even an encore) for an enthusiastic crowd which nearly doubled the seating capacity of the venue.    Great job!"

Quintessence: The Joy of Six: amazing!
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Posted By: M-C Thauvette
Date Posted: 2006-11-12 07:19:25

"Four thumbs up from my husband and I. My husband listens to their CD all the time, and this is amazing considering he is a hard core classic rock fan. Six beautiful voices and what performers! They are going places and we are proud to say that we discovered this raw talent in the early conception stages. We know they are going all the way! "

What a find!
Posted By: Primarily A Cappella

After well over a decade of selling a cappella recordings those joyous days of discovering unknown a cappella artists are fewer but we have just come across another great a cappella talent in Ottawa-based sextet Quintessence. Influenced by groups such as The Manhattan Transfer, Les Swingle Singers and Singers Unlimited the group brings it's own jazzy style to a a wide variety of repertoire, from big-band through to hits of recent years and some original material. The group arranged most all of the songs themselves bringing freshness to these great standards that are a real pleasure to hear. The voices blend very well and there are a couple of very strong solos especially those of Marion Xhignesse and Susan Mayo. A recommended release for vocal jazz aficionados.

Never Get Enough of their Sound
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Posted By: Frances Balodis
Date Posted: 2006-12-05 11:08:57

Listening to Quintessence is a true joy for me. Their incredible sense of pitch and extremely accurate rhythms, overlying an unquestionable steady pulse gives me a great feeling of auditory security.  The individuals in this group sing together for the common blended sound. No one takes a "personal trip" on their own importance. How refreshing.  Whether on this CD or in person, I can never get enough of their sound.

Frances Mae Balodis,
Founder and International Director
Music for Young Children

Posted By:  Eric Bourlat
Location:  Personal review (Paris, France)

J’ai bien reçu début Novembre mon CD de Quintessence commandé sur  La commande s’est très bien déroulée et je suis très satisfait de ce site de vente par internet.
J’ai donc pu écouter votre CD pendant mes vacances de fin d’année, J’aime beaucoup!  Bravo!
J’apprécie en particulier la grande qualité des arrangements musicaux que ce soit pour les grands classiques qu’il est agréable de redécouvrir ici ou des compositions nouvelles tout à fait à leur place à leur côte.
En plus, vous avez vraiment tous des super voix.
J’ai fait découvrir « The Joy Of Six » à un ami musicien qui a aussi beaucoup aimé.  Je suis aussi d’accord avec lui quand il dit que votre CD est très bien équilibré tout au long des 14 titres et aussi d’une grande qualité musicale et technique.
Donc encore bravo pour ce premier album.  J’espère que ce premier essai fort bien réussi vous donnera envie de poursuivre avec le même talent.





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